Walmart/Country Mart Shopping Trip – 2/3/12

Before qpons $102.88; after store card, sales, qpons, $57.98; saved $44.90:
6 jars of Ragu ($1.25/ea.), 4 YO Phoria yogurt drink (.44/ea.), 2 Wolf Brand chili (.68/ea.), Fast Fixin’ meatballs ($3.97), Farmrich queso cheese bites ($4.23), El Monterey taquitoes ($3.99), White Cloud toilet paper (12 roll) ($3.97), White Cloud tissue (free with qpon WYB the toilet paper), Hunt’s ketchup (.30), 2 Velveeta shells & cheese (no qpon for these $2.48/ea.), 3 bags of Yoplait frozen smoothies (.98/ea.), 4 Knorr rice/noodle sides (.50/ea.), 4 Buddig lunch meats (.49/ea.), 2 bottles of Sambazon organic drinks (free with qpons). Not included in the picture/description is dishcloth’s and a couple other items, but they are included in the price.

Submitter: Katrina Givins

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