Summertime Spending

Summertime Spending

Is it summer yet? How many days left of school?  When does vacation start? Are these questions you and your family are asking yourselves? Have you thought about how you can continue (or start) to save money for your family throughout the summer time, or are you just focusing on how you can spend it? Summer is a great time to start couponing, and developing the practice of saving money.  This is a great life lesson for your kids as well as you!

Here are some suggestions for some lifelong spending habits you can teach your kids all in one summer:

  • Make a list before you shop. Let the kids help form the list, and/or write it for you, as you dictate.
  • Find coupons on the internet that you can print to take to the store to use.  Some sites in which you can find coupons to print are at
  • Check your local grocery store’s website, such as Krogers, Brookshires, Albertsons, Target, etc.
  • Check Facebook pages for products you purchase.
  • Cut coupons from your Sunday newspaper’s coupon inserts. Even younger kids can do this to help out. Just make sure they don’t cut off the expiration dates and bar codes!
  • Let your child calculate the price of each item that goes in the cart when shopping. They can use the calculator on their phone or yours, depending on their age. Let them guess before you go in how much they think you’ll spend, and/or how much they think you’ll save with coupons.
  • Decide to put all the money you save from coupon usage in a jar or savings account throughout a certain time period, and use it at the end of the summer, or if you save all year, use it for summertime fun. I kept track of my coupon savings one year and it was well over $1000, so it does add up!
  • Send expired coupons to military bases since they can use them at their commissary stores. To find locations or adopt a base, check out . You will not have to pay overseas postage to mail coupons to these bases. Kids can help prepare these coupons to mail, as well as feel good about helping out military families.
  • Try shopping online for things other than groceries. If your teen likes to surf the internet, have him/her search for clearance deals if you’re looking for a particular product. Use Swagbucks ( search engine. You earn points during random searches, and turn those points in for gift cards.
  • Check out my FB page, ClipIt, where you will find online specials, clearance alerts,  restaurant deals, and more!
  • If you have teenagers, give them a challenge to find the best online deal for a certain vacation destination, sporting event, or whatever your family may be planning for the summer. Reward them in some way for finding the best deal.

Hopefully some of these ideas will get your wheels turning and motivate you to get started on either couponing, and/or saving money by shopping online, and doing some investigating in summer planning for your family.  You might even find that kids of all ages will be just as interested in how to develop these habits that can be used for a lifetime.

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