Price Chopper Week of May 6th

Price Chopper Shopping TripPrice Chopper! I paid $10.58, saved $24.40!!! Here’s the details:
Bread-on sale for $3.99, buy one get 2 free ($1.33 each)
Pop tart on sale for $2 each used pc store coupon 3/$5, as well as 3 0.50/1 manu coupons, which doubled (0.67 each)
pepsi next on sale for $1 each, used 2 $1/2 from pepsi moments (0.50 each)
hi-c juice boxes on sale for $2 each
starbucks refreshers $1.99, used 3 free coupons

Submitter: Sarah Boss

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  1. Nick Powers says:

    Thanks Sarah Beth Boss!

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