Price Chopper week of Feb 6th

The best kind of sale this week–no coupons necessary!! Here is what I got:

2 enteman’s desserts bogo ($3.25 each)
1 gold potato, 1 red potato bogo ($2 each)
3 pede ravioli’s bog2 (0.86 each)
2 perdue car’s nuggets bogo ($3.75 each)
3 mama lucia meat balls bog2 ($1.83 each)
3 freih. bread bog2 ($1.33 each)
3 enteman’s cookies bog2 ($1.33 each)
3 thomas english muffins bog2 ($1.33 each)
4.59 lbs of chicken breast $1.99/lb ($9.05)
3lbs of empire apples $2.50/bag
one bag of m&m 0.68 (for my well behaved 4 year old!)

total:$108.56. paid: $50.29 saved:$58.27

not bad for a random trip and having no coupons with me!

Submitter: Sarah Boss

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