Hannaford Coupon Policy

Generally, we do accept manufacturer’s coupons as long as they have a valid printed expiration date. With these coupons we follow all printed instructions (e.g. “one per customer”), and items can only count once towards coupons. (e.g. If you bought 3 boxes of a General Mills cereal, you can’t use a save $1.00 off 3, and a $0.50 off 1.) Only original coupons are valid; Photocopies are not accepted.

In addition to the above mentioned, we have additional policy in regards to Internet Coupons. We do not accept internet coupons that:

  • have expired or are missing an expiration date.
  • are over $5.00 (including free.)
  • have no scannable UPC bar code.
  • have been identified as fraudulent from the Manufacturer.

Store Management has final discretion in accepting, denying or limiting any coupons presented.

Hannaford does not double coupons.

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