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New DataBar Coupon Barcodes

Some of you may noticed that some of the coupons are only printing with 1 long barcode instead of the traditional shorter UPC bar codes. This is nothing to worry about, this is the start of the new DataBar Coupon Barcodes.

The long Databar Coupon Barcodes have been on coupons for a while long along with the old, shorter UPC Codes. They have done this to transition over to the new longer Databar Coupon Barcode. Here are some things you should know about the new DataBar Coupon Barcodes:

Why the new DataBar Coupon Codes?

Below are some of the reasons for the new code:

The DataBar Coupon is capable of encoding an extremely large amount of information. Some of the additional information included will be expiration dates, product specifics such as size, weight and quantity required. Buy including this information it will reduce the misuse of coupons.

Also, companies have the flexibility to make the coupon value any dollar amount.

How it will effect your Checkout

Once all point of sale systems are updated to accept the new DataBar Code, checkout should be faster and more accurate for the retailer since the coupon can only be used for the product it is intended to be used for. There should be less cashier intervention necessary.

Companies have the option of leaving both of the barcodes on the coupons so you may continue to see some coupons with both barcodes as well as some with only the long new DataBar Code.

Retailers have had about 6 months to update their registers to accept the new barcode. Most of the major retailers have already updated their systems however some of the regional stores may not have done so yet. So, if the barcode does not scan, in most cases, the stores registers are not updated yet. To use the coupon, they simply have to enter in the numbers above the barcode. Hopefully, most retailers will have made the changes or are, at the very least, aware of the changes, and will know to input the code.

Like our previous Anatomy of a Coupon Barcode article, I will update the site with more information on the new DataBar code format as I learn more.

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