A fun lunch for the kids

I’m always looking for things that are easy, cheap, and fun to make for my kids. One of my mommy friends posted a photo in our mommy group on facebook a photo of hot dogs cut up with pasta through them. It looked weird and a little gross. In other words, perfect for my three little boys! So I decided to wing it. i boiled a pan of water. As it was boiling, I sliced up cold hot dogs (that I scored at price chopper for a cool $2 with an in-store coupon) and slid raw angel hair noodles through them. I cooked them according to the angel hair directions. The end result? These cool looking things my kids have dubbed “alien hot dogs:”

I served them with ketchup and my kids emptied their plates! The only change I would make is to cook them with thin spaghetti instead of angel hair, as I prefer to cook my hot dogs extra hot. The best part about this meal is that it only cost me $3 to make in its entirety! And it’s totally kid approved:

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