Piggly Wiggly Coupon Policy

Piggly Wiggly Coupon Policies

Our Coupon Acceptance Policy:

We will gladly redeem your coupons. The following guidelines apply when presenting manufacturers’ coupons clipped from newspapers or magazines, received by mail, or obtained legitimately from the internet through our website or that of our partners:

  • The coupon must be legible and have a scannable bar code (UPC) and a remittable manufacturer’s address.
  • Coupons with an expiration date must be used within the stated time frame. Expired coupons will not be accepted.
  • Only one manufacturer coupon per item will be accepted.
  • Coupon values that exceed the price of the item will not be accepted.
  • Digitally duplicated copies of coupons (copy machines, scans, etc.) will not be accepted.

The following guidelines apply to internet coupons:

  • Manufacturer coupons that involve any kind of free product will not be accepted, including “buy one, get one free” offers.
  • No coupon that exceeds $3.00 will be accepted.
  • Internet coupons are not eligible for double coupon promotions or any other program that exceeds the actual face value of the coupon.

Please check out our Ultimate Coupon Policy List

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy

Harris Teeter Coupon Acceptance Policy


  • We accept coupons that have not passed their expiration date for use; we cannot accept any expired coupons.
  • We accept only one manufacturer coupon per purchased item.
  • We do not accept coupons on items not purchased.
  • Coupons must be presented at time of purchase; we cannot return money for coupons not used.
  • Coupons presented and items purchased must match exactly; size, variety, flavor, etc.
  • We uphold any purchase stipulations set forth by product manufacturer.
  • We accept one coupon per item purchased.
  • We accept coupons for items only of equal or more value; we do not give cash back.
  • Sales tax is paid by customer at full retail.
  • We accept 20 double coupons per day per customer/household with VIC card; all others redeemed at face value. No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 coupon limit or any other coupon limits to be exceeded.
  • We double manufacturer’s coupons up to face value of $0.99; with total amount not to exceed $1.98 or entire retail of item; whichever is less.
  • We double up to three identical items with manufacturer coupon; additional coupons for like item will be honored at face value. Like items include all flavors.
  • No competitor coupons will be doubled or tripled.
  • Coupons that state “do not double” should not be doubled or tripled.
  • eVIC coupons can be accepted along with paper coupons, however will not be doubled.
Internet Coupons
  • We gladly accept internet manufacturer’s coupons for product; however no “free” product internet coupons are accepted.
  • With the purchase of two like manufacturer’s products, we accept two internet coupons, per store, per day.
  • We do not accept internet coupons that do not appear to be originals or that won’t scan.
Competitor’s Coupons
  • We gladly accept local competitors’ manufacturer coupons. We also redeem circular or direct-mail coupons for money off of the total order.
  • We do not accept any internet coupons from other retailers.
  • Rainchecks never expire and are accepted at any Harris Teeter store.
  • We do not issue rainchecks for coupon items that may be out of stock or for “while supplies last” items.
  • We reserve the right to limit raincheck quantities based on product availability and advertised limits.
  • Rainchecks can be written for a limit of three unless otherwise stated in the ad.
Scan Guarantee
  • Our scan guarantee states “If an item scans higher than the shelf tag or sign, you will receive one like item free, excluding alcohol and tobacco.”
  • We will honor five “scan guarantees” per customer; all other pricing inadequacies will result in the difference between the shelf tag and the actual price of the item being refunded.

Harris Teeter reserves the right to limit quantities in coupon usage, as well as products and to amend our policies as we deem appropriate.

BI-LO Coupon Policy

BI-LO Coupon Guidelines savings without sacrifice

  • Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the checkout transaction, along with your BI-LO BONUSCARD.
  • Manufacture and store coupons will only be redeemed on or before expiration date.
  • One manufacturer and one store coupon can be redeemed per item.
  • Items must be purchased in the size, variety and quanity as specified on the coupon.
  • All restrictions and/or limits printed on coupons will be enforced.
  • Limit of ten (10) coupons on like items are eligble to double.  Remaining coupons on like items will be redeemed at face value and will not be doubled.
  • Manufacturer coupons with a value of 60(cents symbol) or less will double, unless otherwise posted at store level.
  • Double coupon redemption applies only to manufacturer coupons.  BI-LO store coupons will not be doubled.
  • Electronic coupons will not be doubled.
  • The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, must not exceed the price of the item and no cash back will be given.
  • Coupons on alcohol or tobacco products will not be doubled.
  • Coupons will not be doubled when restricted by manufacturer or where prohibited by law.
  • Only valid, scanable Internet coupons will be redeemed.
  • BI-LO will redeem local competitor coupons on identical items.
  • BI-LO reserves the right to accept,, decline or limit the use of coupons.

BI-LO reserves the right to modify coupon guidelines.  See your local BI-LO store for more details.

Anatomy of a Coupon Barcode

Look closely at the barcode on the coupon. That is what tells the computer (cash register) how much credit to give you. The barcode does not always agree with the printed words.

The Double Digit determines if the coupon can be doubled or not.  If this digit is a 5 then it can be doubled.  If it’s a 9 or 99 then the register will not automatically double the coupon.  Make sure to check with your store’s coupon policy on coupon doubling.

The Mfg Number is a unique ID that represents the manufacturer of the product this coupon is good for.  This number will match the Mfg Number on the products barcode.

The next three digits after the mfg. # are the Family Code. The manufacturer assigns family codes to each of their products. This three digit number is completely different from the product number used on an item, since many coupons are redeemable on more than one size, color, or form of particular branded product. The family code is the key to validating that a consumer has purchased the correct product.

A zero digit in the family code is used like a wildcard. So, if you know that Product Z is in the 146 family, then you could use any of these family-coded coupons on Product Z: 146, 140, 100, 000. If the family code is 000 then the coupon is good on ANY product from that mfr.

Family code 992 is for “no product verification”. Technically, the 992 is a message to the cash register to not verify whether you bought the item. Its intended use is for things that don’t fall into a ‘regular’ family – like ‘$1 off any Heinz X or Campbell’s Y or BallPark Z’. Wine tags are often 992’s because if you get to save off *any* seafood, there’s no way to know which seafood you will choose, and no other way to encode it.

*WARNING: It is considered coupon fraud to use coupons any in manner other than described in print on the coupon, even if the cash register accepts such coupons.

The 2 digit Value Code tells the cash register how much credit you get for the coupon. The one value code that always raises a flag is 00, which is specifically for checker intervention. No matter what, this coupon will beep – even if it’s a 992. Many stores will also flag frees (01) so that the actual price may be written in.  Please look for a Value Code Table at the bottom of this post.

The Check Digit is used by the cash register to help it verify that it scanned the barcode correctly.


Value Code Table

Code     Face Value

00        “BEEP” Manual Input Required
01        Free Item
02        B4G1
03        $1.10
04        $1.35
05        $1.40
06        $1.60
07        B3 $1.50
08        B2 $3.00
09        B3 $2.00
10        $0.10
11        $1.85
12        $0.12
13        B4 $1.00
14        B1G1
15        $0.15
16        B2G1
18        $2.60
19        B3G1
20        $0.20
21        B2 $0.35
22        B2 $0.40
23        B2 $0.45
24        B2 $0.50
25        $0.25
26        $2.85
28        B2 $0.55
29        $0.29
30        $0.30
31        B2 $0.60
32        B2 $0.75
33        B2 $1.00
34        B2 $1.25
35        $0.35
36        B2 $1.50
37        B3 $0.25
38        B3 $0.30
39        $0.39
40        $0.40
41        B3 $0.50
42        B3 $1.00
43        B2 $1.10
44        B2 $1.35
45        $0.45
46        B2 $1.60
47        B2 $1.75
48        B2 $1.85
49        $0.49
50        $0.50
51        B2 $2.00
52        B3 $0.55
53        B2 $0.10
54        B2 $0.15
55        $0.55
56        B2 $0.20
57        B2 $0.25
58        B2 $0.30
59        $0.59
60        $0.60
61        $10.00
62        $9.50
63        $9.00
64        $8.50
65        $0.65
66        $8.00
67        $7.50
68        $7.00
69        $0.69
70        $0.70
71        $6.50
72        $6.00
73        $5.50
74        $5.00
75        $0.75
76        $1.00
77        $1.25
78        $1.50
79        $0.79
80        $0.80
81        $1.75
82        $2.00
83        $2.25
84        $2.50
85        $0.85
86        $2.75
87        $3.00
88        $3.25
89        $0.89
90        $0.90
91        $3.50
92        $3.75
93        $4.00
95        $0.95
96        $4.50
98        B2 $0.65
99        $0.99

BxGy = Buy x or more, Get y free (same product)
Bx $z = Buy x or more, Get $z off
Codes that are reserved for future use are not listed